Ways to Wet Sanding

Wet sanding is a better alternative to ordinary drywall sanding when it comes to household repair or remodeling. This method is effective and safe, firstly because dry dust is not released into the surrounding air when it is actually happening. So, even for people who are highly allergic to dust can use this method. And secondly, since there is not a lot of dust, so no extra efforts are required to clean up the mess that settles on the furniture. So, it is easy, practical, and feasible, too.

Technically, wet sanding is nothing but a process of dry sanding an inflicted drywall or plaster at the time of repairs in your home. The main ingredient used in sanding is a sanding sponge. It is the ‘tool’ used to sand the patches and blocks on the wall. It often requires rinsing and cleansing! In this article, we discuss an easy way to wet sand wood, the materials required for the same, and other essential tips that help you complete the project effectively.

Wet Sanding Wood

The main objective of sanding wood, or any other wooden furniture is to reduce the usage of liquid sandpaper. Dry sanding with a sandpaper creates a blockage in the material you are trying to remove. It often sticks to the paper and makes your job all the more tough. Wet sanding on the other hand removes the waste material in the blink of an eye and also keeps the sandpaper all clean. When it comes to furniture, merely applying varnishes and paint doesn’t cut it. Achieving a perfectly refurbished surface is an important aspect. The following steps tell you exactly how to do it. You may use this method to work on any kind of furniture.

1. Sand the surface to a 320 grit and remove all the sanding dust from the holes and pores of the furniture. You will have to use compressed air or an ordinary vacuum to do so. Keep a tack cloth at hand to clean the surface.

2. Paste a wood filler to create a smooth, furbished surface on your working piece. Now, mix water and detergent to create a simple solution and wet sand the surface with it. Use a rubber sanding block at the bottom center. In the final step, use an automotive wax to polish the object you are working on.

Tips for Wet Sanding Drywall

  • Selecting the Sponge: Sponge selection is the most important aspect of wet sanding. They aren’t heavy weighted at all and are easily available. Since they are light-weight, they are bigger in size, at least bigger than your ordinary kitchen sponge. They can wet and sand the drywall simultaneously. It is advisable to invest in a sponge that tapers at its corners.
  • Cleaning the Sponge: Now, a constant usage of the sponge is definitely going to mud the sponge, with all the sediments and particles absorbed in it. So, you will have to clean it often. Ensure to keep a bucket of water to rinse and wring the sponge in frequently. Also, make sure you replace and refill the bucket with freshwater occasionally.
  • Using Water: Water isn’t always a good solution to everything. For example, if you use too much water for wet sanding, it will have a substantial effect on the wall and will strikingly reduce the drying time. This would lengthen your working project and ultimately bore you till it is all over. Another aspect of using excessive water is the lifting or turning of the plaster wall. Too much liquid on it would make it all messy. So wring your sponge as often as you can to avoid all this fuss.

Don’t hasten while working on any remodeling project. Understand that effective finessing and refinement of an object takes time.

Functional Interior Design Available Online

When remodeling an office or your home, interior design plays a pivotal role in ensuring that it combines an attractive layout with high levels of productivity. Design has progressed by leaps and bounds as new technology is constantly being used to improve the place we work or live in. Renovating a home or workplace is an extremely important because it increases performance of its employees and to makes the home a more livable place. You spend almost all your time in both these places so it is essential that it is arranged in a way to be pleasing to the eye, yet highly functional. Whether you are an aspiring decorator, a professional one or have no idea what to do, there are innumerable websites available online that provide tips and articles on how to renovate your home or workplace.

These websites provide information on the latest trends, technology, cost-saving energy solutions and much more. Information about customized interior design, colors, motivational home decor, surreal furniture, applications for designers and much more will equip you with the right knowledge to remodel your home. They also feature interesting and unique ideas by some of the world’s most famous workplace, supermarket stores, coffee chains, restaurants, hotels, car parks and other such places. Whenever a company or store makes news for its peculiar and attractive layouts or architecture, these websites report about it and study it extensively. Additionally, interior design websites also provide interviews of the top people in this industry who provide readers with not just tips, but insights on how to redecorate your home or workplace.

Office design or arranging your interiors at the workplace has become paramount to the success of the organization. Websites provide a number of helpful tips. One such tip is the fact that the color blue is becoming very popular among decorators since it represents trust. Dynamic workplaces are also a new trend wherein the place of work is remodeled in such a way to promote activity-based and discussion-oriented working environment. Renovating the place in such a way that employees do not sit near meeting rooms, reception or the washroom as it hampers productivity is also another useful tip to keep in mind. Hints on how to improve ventilation, stimulate natural lighting or how to position the door are also given to readers.

With the increasing accountability of workplaces using green technology, green interior design is also another trend many people in the industry are advocating. The furniture that is used is cost-effective as it saves a lot of money by consuming less energy. Simultaneously, they are also sustainable. Not just offices, but even homeowners are becoming conscious of their decisions in remodeling and its subsequent impact on the environment they live in. Replacing an old refrigerator with a new one may seem like a large investment at first, but in the long-run you will stand to save a lot of money. All these helpful interior design tips will ensure you save money, have a lesser impact on the environment and at the same time have a beautiful and lovely home.

Attic Ideas for You

Attic is an often ignored area, utilized commonly for storage. This is the place where you dump the old furniture, useless appliances, and broken items in your house. Well, that might be definitely saving a lot of space in your living room, bedrooms, and kitchen area, right? But, have you ever thought about having an extra room in your house that might help you have more organized storage area, resting space, or even having a designated area for games, music, entertainment, or relaxation. Read the following paragraphs to get some amazing attic ideas.


Whatever is the way you reach the attic at the moment, consider having a better and comfortable way to climb up. If you are short of floor space, one of the ideas is to have foldable stairs that will fold sideways. Another idea is to install those that will fold up at the ceiling. If you are planning to have a master bedroom or game room, it is best to have fixed stairs of good quality installed to reach comfortably up to the attic.


The first thing you need to consider while you plan to create a usable space is ventilation. Having perfect ventilation can also add up to the attic decor. There are some amazing ways of adding windows to this area. Two things you need to consider are natural light and air. As this place is at a higher level, you have the advantage of getting these elements easily, provided that you make the right arrangements to bring them in. Attics often have sloping roofs, making it difficult to plan side windows. If the roof is meeting the floor or just above it, consider having the classy dormers, which are extended windows. If the roof ends four or five feet above the floor, you can have small glass windows in this wall. One of the most amazing ideas is to have skylights. These will lighten up the room and give a striking touch to this dull area. Place your bed below this and give a lavish feel to the room.


Utilizing the attic area for storage is something that you cannot miss out. But, those uneven walls and corners are tricky to work upon. You can have closed cabinets to use such spaces. One of the ideas is to have horizontal shelves and doors to cover them; forget about the backside of these cabinets as there is already a wall behind them. This way, you also save up some money, and it becomes easier to work on uneven surfaces. Make sure that the storage is not too wide. These rooms do not have much height and so, the cabinets might sometimes leave less space below for someone to stand there. In this case, place some low stools or chairs there. You can also plan to have a low study table here, with some drawers for added storage.

Modern Attic Living Room

More Ideas

Once you have worked on the basics, it’s time to decorate the wonderful attic space. Firstly, consider having blinds for the windows. For skylights, you can have many options of shades that can be closed to block the light, and opened to have the perfect night view or natural light. Next, install interior lighting as well to illuminate it nicely; use decorative lamps and chandelier lighting for this purpose. Placing tall and narrow sculptures is a great idea to add height to the area. Paint the walls in white, off-white, or beige to create a spacious look.

Having a comfy bed in case you are converting the attic into a bedroom needs no mention. The previously mentioned storage can be used to store the necessary items. If you are converting this room into a place for entertainment, consider having the needed things such as musical instruments for music room or games, and needed furniture for the game room. Making it a relaxing area is a brilliant idea. Have a lovely recliner, candles, and perfume bottles placed here. Also, having a large bathtub or a mini pool with right drainage systems installed here is a good option. Well, this essentially needs to be done by a reputed professional. Have the necessary towels, toiletries, bath salts, fragrances, and essential oils near the tub or pool. Attics can indeed work as the best relaxation areas due to their cozy feel. You can add up shower stalls and basin, as well.

Thus, add up your ideas and explore the various home improvement elements that can fit in well to convert this area into a luxurious room.

Finding Home Improvement Tools

With the current economic turbulence and uncertain real estate market, it’s always a good idea to take care of small repairs and fixes around the house. Which is why, many homeowners are beginning to take interest in buying essential tools for the job. However, these tools can also come in handy for people who live in apartments. Investing in a fully-functional and fully-loaded tool kit really has its own perks. So let’s find out what they really are.

List of Necessary Tools for Your Home

Regardless of where you live, the following tools are an absolutely necessity. Search for a tool kit that has most of the tools mentioned below. Research as much as you can for deals on tool kits or individual pieces. With an overall expense of approximately US$ 200-300, you can easily stock your garage with these tools.

* Note – The prices of the tools may vary depending on where you purchase them, and at what time of the year.

Toolbox: Instead of keeping all the tools lying around the house and/or garage, why not collectively keep them in the toolbox to make your life easier. Buy a soft canvas bag which has a lot of pockets for all types of frustration-free work. (Price – US$ 30)

Hammer: Look for a model that has a steel-shaft with vibration-dampening rubber grip. You want to keep an eye for a straight or “rip” claw, rather than a curved claw (demolition work). (Price – US$ 15)

Screwdrivers: A mixed set of magnetic heads screwdrivers is a smart purchase. Try to avoid cordless electric screwdrivers and instead, look for one with corded electric drill as it will provide more torque and won’t need to be recharged. (Price – US$ 20)

Crowbar or Pry Bar: Buy a 12″ or 15″ crowbar which is in hexagon steel. It is superior to other pry bars which are made of spring steel. The spring ones tend to bounce when you hit it with a hammer; not a good thing. (Price – US$ 15)

Needle-nose Pliers: For all kinds of electrical work around the house, office, or apartment, you will need the needle-nose pliers. This tool is long, tapered, and has forged heads which works perfectly in tight spaces. Purchase a pair which has a wire-cutting blade included near the hinge. (Price – US$ 8)

Locking Pliers or Vise-Grips: To use this tool, all you have to do is adjust the screwdriver in its handle, and clamp it over anything which requires a vise-like bracing. After the job is over, the lever on the handle will release the jaws. (Price – US$10)

Electrical Tester: This tool may intimidate you, but it really is simple to use. Purchase an inexpensive electrical tester which has 2 probes and a light that indicates an electric current when present. Always test it in a working outlet before you use it (every time) to check, if it’s still working. (Price – US$ 2)

Wire Cutter/Stripper: To speed up any electrical work, you need this plier-like tool called the wire cutter. It scores and strips off the casing on different gauges of wires. Instead of wasting your time with diagonal pliers, use a wire cutter and see the difference. (Price – US$ 10)

Tape Measure: A 16-foot good quality, easy to lock, ¾” wide model is just right for any space. Steer clear of the ½” or 1″ tape measures as they don’t work everywhere. (Price – US$ 4)

Utility Knife: Purchase a utility knife which has replaceable blades included in the kit. It is really handy and saves you money on buying a new one every time. (Price – US$ 4)

Reversible Drill: More specifically, a 3/8th reversible drill with bit set is a must have. Instead of reaching for a cordless variety, purchase a corded model as it is light, cheaper, and never runs out of juice. (Price – US$ 40)

Steel Chisel: Not the plastic or the wooden chisel, but a ½” steel chisel is what you need for any kind of work around the house. Even though it is one of the older tools, it definitely comes in handy. (Price – US$ 10)

9-inch Torpedo Level: When you wish to level a picture frame or kitchen cabinet, this palm-sized level is what you should be reaching for. It has a bubble which floats to the center for leveling everything around the house. Avoid purchasing a laser level available in the market. (Price – US$ 9)

Hand Saw: A 12″ hand saw is light, and cuts straight and faster than any other traditional hand saws available in the market. If you have a circular saw, you might want to consider buying a hand saw instead. (Price – US$ 15)

Safety Glasses: No substitutions whatsoever for an effective eye protection glasses. (Price – US$ 6)

These were some of the must-have tools to get you started on any projects around the house. If you want to begin a more specialized project, something like hardwood floors or linoleum, you will require more defined tools then. Visit your local hardware store and ask for any particular additions to your collection.